Lapel Household

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back. There’s more all new Jab Comix to check out like always and they are as amazing as you can imagine. We told you last time that we’d have quite the awesome issue to show off and here we are to deliver on that little promise today. What you get to see this time is one simply incredible looking cartoon babe by the name of Sharona as she gets around to tease the nerdy guy that has been tutoring her for a while. She got passed her exams thanks to him and she does want to reward him some more, but she does want to have a little bit of fun with the whole thing as well. So let’s check out what she did in this update.

The two were walking back home from college in the afternoon. And as we said, she was very very thankful towards the guy for helping her out with the whole thing. And you’ll see that even the guy himself daydreams about getting rewarded by the cute babe, with at least some oral, having her suck on his huge and hard cock. As you can see as well, she looked incredible even in her uniform and with the help of a gust of wind, you as well as the nerdy guy, get to see her nice and cute panties as the skirt gets slid up. And as she leans forward at one point, you can check out that sexy cleavage too. Enjoy and see you soon!

Take a look at this busty redhead teasing this nerd!