JabComix The Stables

Hey there once more guys and gals and as usual welcome back to a new and hot jabcomix scene. This one is a special one that you get to enjoy with a Casanova type of character that always likes to have some fun with cute and sexy babes. Well for this fine evening, he managed to score himself a nice little blonde cutie with a sexy skirt and thigh high socks too. And he was going to enjoy taking his time to play with her as much as he could. Let’s get to see the babe getting to play with this older guy and watch her getting her pussy and body taken care of real good without delay in this one everyone. It’s one JabComix update not to miss today!

Well the two of them got busy in the stables. Watch the blonde cutie with green eyes as she lets the guy play with her superb body as much as he wants, and watch as while caressing her superb curves, he makes his way lower and lower. He slides her panties off and then starts to gently play with her sweet pussy as she starts to moan in pleasure too. You can tell that she was really enjoying the attention and the guy was really getting into it as well. Well their fun was caught short when duty had to call and the guy had to leave, but rest assured that this blonde sure had him promise her that she’d get his nice and big hard cock next time too!

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