Jab Comix Ay Papi Fuck

Hey there guys, we’re back with new jab comix for you to see today and we sure have one amazing one to show off today to you. This is a continuation of the series and you can expect to see more of them in the future as well. Well in this one we get to see the bossy lady of a company as she gets to enjoy her new underling this afternoon. She regularly likes to have some fun with guys that get hired fresh and this one is going to do nicely as her man toy for the rest of his time there. So let’s watch them engaging in some nice and hard style fucking in the bathroom for this nice afternoon shall we everyone?

The babe got to talk with the guy on the hallway and well, let’s just say that she sure made her intentions clear right from the start. She takes him to the bathroom while everyone is still busy at work and once there she fully intends to have some sexual fun with him too. Take your time to see her wrapping her sexy legs around him and watch her making him fuck her nice and hard against the stall walls today. Of course, he did just what she asked and it’s quite amazing to see. Take your time with it and enjoy it today, and we will be back next week again with some more new scenes for you to watch and enjoy as well.

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